Customize your facebook cover image

The cover image is the first thing your Facebook friends see when accesing your profile (timeline) page. It is also one of the key elements that you can customize to make your profile page stand out.

To create a cover image on your own you will need to create a image that is 850 by 350 pixels in size. Anything smaller or larger will be adjusted to this size (either by crop or stretch) so it’s best if you create it in the optimal size from the first time. You will also need to take into account that the profile photo will be overlayed over the bottom left corner of your cover photo so don’t place there any important elements (text, key images) otherwise it might be covered by the profile image. For a more creative effect you can make the profile image integrated in the cover photo.

If you don’t want to create the cover photo on your own, you can pick one that is already made from the thousands of Facebook cover photos available online on sites like Alegri Facebook Covers.

Here are a few nice examples:

City lights at night

City lights at night

Sunrise from the airplane cover image

Sunrise from the airplane cover image

Holding Earth

Holding Earth

Windows trough landscapes Facebook cover image

Windows trough landscapes

Facebook announces the launch of the Timeline feature worldwide – Get Facebook covers

Facebook just announced that they now made available the new Facebook Timeline feature to everyone worldwide.

One of the features of the timeline is the large image, called cover, that is located at the top of the users profile page.

You can now get interesting Facebook covers from my personal photo collection on this website.
A large part of the images I offer for free on this site are now made available in the perfect size for becoming your Facebook cover image.


Water drops photos

This weekend  I have been playing with water, trying to get some good water  drop photos for the collection. My setup was composed of a large tray with water, a wirelesses triggered flash on a tripod, the Nikon D90 camera and most importantly a plastic bag with water and a hole that was suspended above the tray to generate water drops in the same area of the tray (so I could focus once and then take multiple shots).

You  can see below a few of the results, I will add them to the collection very soon: Continue reading

Where to find free photos for my projects?

It is said that a image is worth a thousand words, this is why I am sure a large majority of the people reading this needed a image to use in their day to day life to express something. No matter if you work in design, web, marketing or any other industry field, you had a moment when you needed a certain image for your work projects, presentations or just to decorate your wall.

If you are low on cash and cannot afford buying images from stock agencies, there are quite a few websites that offer free photos. One of them is of course our main site 4 Free Photos, but if you cannot find what you are looking for there we put together for you a useful list of other free stock photos sites that will be constantly updated. We hope that you will find it useful.

Free photos and public domain images sites directory.

Webmasters: If you have a website that you will like to add to our  free photos sites directory please add a link back to that page and let us know. We will do our best to add it in our directory.