Lytro – A new way of taking pictures

This week a brand new camera concept was announced, which promises to revolutionize the way pictures are taken since the introduction of photography  in  1800’s. We all had missed shots due to poor focus, Lytro concept will make sure this will not happen, allowing photographers to change the focus points and even have full scene in focus any time after the picture is taken. Looking at the example below I have to say I am looking forward to see their product on the market. Continue reading

Water drops photos

This weekend  I have been playing with water, trying to get some good water  drop photos for the collection. My setup was composed of a large tray with water, a wirelesses triggered flash on a tripod, the Nikon D90 camera and most importantly a plastic bag with water and a hole that was suspended above the tray to generate water drops in the same area of the tray (so I could focus once and then take multiple shots).

You  can see below a few of the results, I will add them to the collection very soon: Continue reading